Roof Tiles Repair & Replacement Service

Jakeman Roofing Services work on tiled roofs, both tile and slate.

Most tiled roofs have a life of at least 25 years, the majority of works required to roofs is to repair loose tiles or slipped slates.

Sometimes water penetration can be caused by badly fitted lead flashings, whereas the roof tiles may be perfectly adequate.

At times, it becomes more financially feasible to completely replace the roof tiles. In some instances, the existing tiles can be reused.

Below the roof tiles usually sits roofing felt pinned to the rafters with battens. Sometimes this is damaged and needs to be replaced.

In rare occasions, some or all of the roof timbers are defective, and typically a surveyor will identify this during a survey. A homeowner may get an indication by looking at the roof and identifying any unusual 'dips' or 'curves' in the roof line.

When using new tiles, it is usually essential to match them to existing tiles, not only in terms of colour and size, but also weight.

Jakeman Roofing Services provide a quality roof replacement and roof repair service.