Roof Repairs Service

The type, age and condition of your roof will determine the repair required.

A roof comprises of supporting structures with a surface covering, ie tiles. Between the supporting structures there may be insulation.

We carry out all types of roof repair, from a small patch of felt required on a flat roof, blocked guttering, through to complete new roof and timbers.

Typical repairs required are usually minor, but can cause major water penetration damage to a property if not rectified within a reasonable amount of time.

The type of repairs we carry out are:

If you have a water leak, or damp at your property and feel it may be the roof that is causing it, please give us a call.

Our estimates are provided within 24 hours.

We specialise in providing a fast roofing repair service and have multiple vehicles, roofing operatives and extensive tools & materials available at all times

Take a look at our gallery, which will show roof works and timeline