Guttering Repairs & Replacement

Jakeman Roofing Services replace guttering, guttering clips and rainwater pipes where necessary.

Guttering takes the flow of rain water from the roof and sends it along the guttering to the rainwater pipe which takes the water down to street level or to a drain.

The most common issue with guttering is that it gets blocked with debris and plant growth. Sometimes the plant growth in the guttering begins to attach itself to tiles and as debris accummulates, the tiles begin to 'lift' and become insecure.

This type of blockage can also cause water to fall continuously when raining on to a particular part of the brickwork below, and create damp in that area

Defective/leaking guttering can cause the soffit boards to rot, we also replace these where necessary.

We are happy to come along and clear any debris, inspect the guttering and advise on any repairs required, such as new guttering, guttering clips and/or soffit boards.